Damien Dickenson & Koriss
Damien was doing some painting when Koriss came in to check up on his work. Koriss was pretty impressed with the work but pointed out that he missed a spot, then dropped trou! Damien went right to licking dat hot ass then bent Koriss over and dicked him down real good. Koriss was lovin that pipe and Damien showed him just how thorough of a job he likes to do. This is a sweaty fuckfest you dont wanna miss and Damien makes sure to empty a huge nut in Koriss mouth.


Damien Dickenson & Koriss

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Jaiden Inkz
Jaiden Inkz

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Jaiden Inkz is a sexy (Baby Boy) look new comer to the dorm. This Leo is 27 years old and a single gay versatile type of guy with smooth bubble butt and tasty looking 8.5 cut dick of pleasure. Jaiden has brown eyes, black hair, standing at 5 8, weighing 145 lbs with a 32 inch waist. His tatted up body tell many stories about himself. He's is willing, able and ready to please your fantasies. Expect to see more of Jaiden in all of his ink in the near future.


Nut Explosions
Chase Carter + Logan Heart + Micah Andrews

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Logan and Micah are chillin down by the train tracks smokin a blunt and when dat shit has gone up in smoke they call up their home Chase to score some more dope. Problem is, they didn't bring no money and Chase ain't frontin unless they suck his dick. Micah gets right in the middle of the two and takes all dat black dick right in his face and ass. He loves gettin fucked by these two strong guys getting filled in all his holes and take two phat nuts right in his mouth!
Chase Carter & Curtis Creed
Chase Carter + Curtis Creed

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Chase Carter and Curtis Creed come back after a long run and good work out. Curtis is tired of exercising, but Chase is still ready for some more. Curtis gets Chase ready for the kind of workout that he is more in the mood for. He drops Chases shorts, and starts to suck on Chase's big dick. Chase bends Curtis over and eats out out his ass. Chase is ready for some ass and starts to really pound Curtis hard and deep. Curtis is lovin that shit so much, he climbs on top of Chase and rides that shit like a pro.